Nothing should stand between directors and their ideas.

Creativity can’t wait! Storyboards 3D let’s you create your movie’s storyboard yourself. Without the need for any drawing ability and through a breakthrough user interface with 3D content.

Watch a demo:


This is the preview video. We’re making a new one. Stay tuned!


3D characters and props

All the content is in 3D so you can position it, rotate it exactly as you want. Low and high angle shots are possible, as well as extreme close-ups.


Characters support changing their position. You can get 100s of new positions from the in-app store.

Face expressions

Characters support changing their face expression.


Characters support changing their outfit. You can get new ones from the in-app store.

Extend your library of characters and props

The in-app store lets you get more content for Storyboards 3D. Characters, positions, outfits, face expressions, props, decors and more…

Sharing Options

You can share your storyboards via email (as PDF) or between iPads using the native format (through iTunes).

Render styles

Storyboards can use 3 different rendering styles.

Your movie at a glance

Once you have created your shots, you can reorganize them at will in the Overview mode. You can also change their names, duplicate or remove them.

Other features…

  • • Audio can be recorded for each shot and played back when viewing the storyboard
  • • Arrows, effects, backgrounds
  • • Photos can be inserted in your shots
  • • Text blocks and speech bubbles