Nothing should stand between directors and their ideas.

Creativity can’t wait! Storyboards let’s you create your movie’s storyboard yourself. Without the need for any drawing ability.

Thanks to the thousands of drawings of characters and props included in the app, you’ll be able to quickly compose the shots of your next movie, through an intuitive and feature-rich touch interface.

Watch a demo:



Multiple views on characters and props

Characters and props come with up to 8 views so that you can position them the way you want in your scene.

Frames & arrows using our amazing assisted-shapes technology

On the foreground layer, you can add frames with the aspect ratio of your movie, or arrows, using our assisted-shapes technology.
First activate the Assisted Shapes mode and simply trace the outline of a shape with your finger. Then Storyboards will recognize the shape and make into a nice and clean frame. You have to see it to believe it! Watch the demo video.

No drawing skills required

Storyboards comes with thousands of characters, vehicles and props. It even has building elements, like windows with transparency. You can place each object anywhere you want in your shot and resize it, change its orientation, rotate it, move it to back or front, etc.

Out of focus layers

You can set layers to be out of focus to get closer to the movie look.

Backgrounds, your style

You can add your own background to any drawing. This will make the shot’s drawing look even more realistic.

Your movie at a glance

Once you have created the shots in your movie, you can reorganize them at will in the Drawing Manager. You can also change their names, duplicate or remove them.


You can export your storyboards to PDF or to the Storyboards format. Using the Storyboards format, you can backup the file in a safe place or export it to another iPad. You can also print your storyboards, email them or save the drawings to the Photos album of your iPad.